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Commands You don't Know

(copying everything from the old site)

This page contains things related to windows which you may not know about. Keep scrolling to find out. (or just use linux)


Commands for uncommon filesystem tasks

Create a new drive for a folder

This may sound like magic, but you can actually create a specific drive just for a folder—Which means that you can create a drive like C:\ or D:\ just for a folder.

Here’s the command which will create a drive q:\ for the folder specified.

subst q: C:\location\to\folder

Now if you check your file explorer, you’ll find a new drive Q:\ which will have the contents of the folder.

This is really useful when you have a confusing or complicated arrangement of all your documents, etc. and you would like to get right to where you want to go with ease (or just use linux).

To undo this run this command replacing q: with the name of the drive you have given (in this example, its just q).

subst /d q:

Hide a folder without using dots

attrib +h +s +r foldername

Replacing foldername with the name of your folder

To unhide it (use - It’s just the opposite of +)

attrib -h -s -r foldername

Hide a zip or rar file inside an image

copy /b image.extension