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(Copying everything from the old site)

Here’s some commands, scripts, shortucts etc. that I find useful and improve my workflow.


Git is probably one of the most important tools for a programmer. Helps keep track of what changes you have done to your codebase, allows rolling back to previous changes if you mess something up and more more. Below are some features that I find really useful in git.

Git Repository Mirroring

Repositories can be mirrored from one site/origin to another using just 3 commands. You will need read access for the Repository and write access to the new Repository. Here are the commands which can be put into a .sh (shell script) file which can be used for automation.

# Replace the URL with your Repository
git clone --mirror
# Replace with your Repository
# Replace with the new mirror Repository's URL
git remote set-url --push origin
# Finally push the Repository
git push --mirror

Let’s take a look at what we did here

  1. We cloned the GitHub repository to a folder in our current working directory

  2. We changed the directory to the new repository and changed the remote’s URL to the one where the mirrored one will live

  3. We pushed the repository to the new one with the --mirror option

If all went well then this should’ve worked

Automated Git Repository Mirroring

Now to automatically mirror the repository every 1 or 2 or x hours/minutes/days we can use the crontab on linux.

To do this we need to edit the crontab, add the interval for every run of the job (every 1 hr or 1 day), and add the path of what program to run. In this case we’ll use a shell script to do everything (updating the repository locally and on the new origin)

Create a shell script file (.sh) anywhere on your system and take a note of the path that its at since we’ll be using this later.

Copy the code below into the file and save it.
cd PATH-TO-REPOSITORY # i.e. cd /home/fluffy/mirrors/my-repository.git
git remote set-url --push origin
git fetch -p origin
git push --mirror

Or if you want to mirror your repository to multiple location
cd PATH-TO-REPOSITORY # i.e. cd /home/fluffy/mirrors/my-repository.git
git fetch -p origin
# first location
git remote set-url --push origin
git push --mirror
# second location
git remote set-url --push origin
git push --mirror
# you can add as many as you want

Now we need to make this script executable and add it to the crontab.

To do this we can do a crontab -e to edit the crontab. Use crontab -l to list everything in the crontab.

chmod +x # make the script executable
crontab -e # to edit the crontab

and now add this line with the path to the script to mirror the files.

0 * * * * /home/fluffy/

This will run the script every hour of every day forever. Now save the file (with vim it would be :wq) and it should work.

Check out keybinds for a cool and fast way to cd around the filesystem.