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Here’s my personal selection of scripts that you need.

Recursive Git Mirrors

Mirroring git repositories is something we all need to do from time to time. And if not- you’re probably too lazy to do it so you don’t (you should always keep backups)

If you don’t know how to change the push url of a git repository then see this

Here’s a script to mirror every repository in the current folder recursively and in parallel (so you don’t have to wait for each one to finish for the other to start).

cd /home/fluffy/personal/mirrors || exit
mirror_repo() {
echo "Mirroring $repo..."
cd "$repo" || exit
git fetch -p origin
git remote show origin
git push --mirror
cd -
export -f mirror_repo
find . -type d -name '*.git' -print0 | parallel -0 mirror_repo

Save the script to a .sh file and thes do a bash and it should work.

This script goes through every folder is the /home/fluffy/mirrors directory after which it checks for a .git folder, then fetches the updates from the previous origin (fetch -p), then prints out the new origin ( learn how to set it ) and then finally pushes it (--mirror).